Ciao! In less than a week I will embark on an incredible journey to Rome. I will be studying at the John Felice Rome Center for about four months. I am having a lot of mixed emotions as my day of departure keeps approaching. I am so excited for this opportunity but also nervous…I think that’s only human! I am beginning the packing process, which is not easy. There are so many things to remember to pack I can only hope that I will remember everything I need. Once I am done packing, I will share tips on how I packed for four months in two suitcases. It is going to be a challenge. Please stay tuned for more posts of my travels! I will share all the countries I have traveled to and what to do in each city; I will post foods I have tried, best places to shop, best sightseeing (will try to find as many free exhibits as I can), and much more! Keep an eye out as I will also discuss the differences and similarities between European and American fashion trends.