Why should you Go Greek?

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Everyone has heard the stereotypes. “People join sororities and fraternities to party.” “Sororities and fraternities haze their new members.” “Sororities and fraternities pay for their friends.” I’m sure I could list many other things that you have all heard about greek life. I am here to tell you that these accusations are not true.

When I came to Loyola, I knew I wanted to join a sorority. Not for the parties, or the relationships with the fraternities, but because I was looking to be a part of a community. A community of girls that had the same interests as me, that I could call my sisters for the rest of my life. By joining a sorority on campus I joined something even bigger. I joined the Greek community on campus, which consists of all the sororities and all of the fraternities.

You may watch the typical movies that portray greek life in a certain manner. You may think that sororities are all cliquey and only converse with each other and hate all other sororities on campus. Luckily, I can say that is not true at Loyola University Chicago. The greek life on campus is a very close knit group of people, that I think has everyones best interests at heart. Every sorority and fraternity shows their support for everyone’s philanthropy events.

In general, greek life plays a very important role on Loyola’s campus. Greek life has a very diverse group of people; We have athletes, students on student government, RAs, orientation leaders, campus tour leaders, and many others. We are represented in so many different organizations on campus and really make sure we are involved on Loyola’s campus. We raise money for our own philanthropies, however, we also make sure to raise money for other organization’s causes on campus. If you meet someone in a sorority or a fraternity, chances are that is not all they are a part of on campus.

I can’t speak for the rush process the fraternities follow, but I can speak for the sorority recruitment process. I will admit, it can be very tiring and frustrating. My cheeks definitely were so sore from smiling and talking all day when I went through it. I know PNMs can be nervous about impressing the sororities, but you have to remember that we are also trying to impress you. Everyone is equally as nervous during this process so you are not alone.

Don’t let anyone influence your choice on which chapter you choose as your home; That applies to both sororities and fraternities. Some people will know the first day what chapter they love, others it may take some time and that is OK. These men and women are about to be your home away from home.

I just wanted to say, even though I am abroad, I am thinking of all of you and wanted to wish all the sororities and fraternities the best of luck during recruitment! Good luck to all the PNMs! I can honestly say going greek was one of the best decisions of my life.

xoxo S

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